We will hold continuous promotions for those who cooperate with us, which includes our distributors, retailers and customer/end users.


We are committed to continuously provide the best benefits to our customers, therefore we will always prepare attractive sales programs to our distributors, retailers, and end users. Local and national scale events will also be held annually in order to achieve our vision and mission to be the best and largest nail manufacturers in Indonesia.
We will execute training programs which will help our distributors / retailers that are willing to cooperate with us. The preparation of the event / sale program will be organized and decided by us while the distributor / retailer only needs to run it.
We are committed to make Indonesia better year after year. Therefore, we conduct Social Responsibility Programs which will help the development of villages / homes / mosque, starting from the area around our factory and leads to all parts of Indonesia.
Our commitment to keep growing and being the best, makes us have to come forward in this era of technological development. In the future, NAIL200 customers will be able to purchase, check their stocks and make payments via online to make it easier for them to purchase our products. All information and program / event will be annouced via online.